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Team Coco fans are the most creative fans in the world.

That's why Conan is calling on YOU to help create a one of a kind episode we're calling DIY CONAN. We edited together a special episode filled with fan-favorite moments, and now we're calling on YOU to recreate it. Watch and learn more below.
Opening Credits
Conan Entrance Part 1
Conan Entrance Part 2
Shrub Cop Part 1
Shrub Cop Part 2
Shrub Cop Part 3
Shrub Cop Part 4
Shrub Cop Part 5
Shrub Cop Part 6
Shrub Cop Part 7
Shrub Cop Part 8
Kumail Can't Make It Part 1
Kumail Can't Make It Part 2
Kumail Can't Make It Part 3
Kumail Can't Make It Part 4
Kumail Can't Make It Part 5
Jordan Remote Part 1
Jordan Remote Part 2
Jordan Remote Part 3
Jordan Remote Part 4
Jordan Remote Part 5
Jordan Remote Part 6
Jordan Remote Part 7
Jordan Remote Part 8
Jordan Remote Part 9
Jordan Remote Part 10
Jordan Remote Part 11
Jordan Remote Part 12
Sona Interview Part 1
Sona Interview Part 2
Sona Interview Part 3
Sona Interview Part 4
Sona Interview Part 5
Sona Interview Part 6
Sona Interview Part 7
Sona Interview Part 8
Web-Only Snickers

Opening Credits

Length: 19 seconds

How To Enter

  1. Watch the episode above and identify a clip to recreate.

    Scripts for each clip are available to download. Please note: This custom video player is optimized for desktop.
  2. Create your recreation!

    From live action to animation to stop motion, this episode of CONAN is entirely up to you. Just make sure to read our Production Guide first.
  3. Upload your handiwork to YouTube.

    Please make sure your video is set to Unlisted.

    How To Upload To YouTube - Computer
    How To Upload To YouTube - Android
    How To Upload To YouTube - iPhone & iPad
  4. Submit your work!

    Feel free to recreate multiple clips, but please submit them one at a time. Enter by August 31st for a chance to be a part of DIY CONAN and win fabulous prizes, including Conan Pop! Funko figures! Check out the rules for full prizing details.
    PSST: Our favorite recreation of the Web-Only Snickers clip will win a year's supply of Snickers! The winning clip will be featured exclusively on Team Coco's social channels, and not within the DIY CONAN broadcast.