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The CONAN Internship Program

The Big Picture

Have you ever wanted to work on a TV show and learn what happens behind the scenes? Internships with CONAN give top-tier students hands-on experience in the world of late night television.  We offer the opportunity to observe, learn, ask questions, and be integrally involved in CONAN’s production alongside our staff and crew. The goal is for Interns to work hard as a team and take away an incredible experience, knowledge of television production and of the entertainment industry, and contacts in a competitive field.

Hours, Qualifications & Requirements

To be considered, students MUST be current undergraduate or graduate students receiving college credit for this Internship. Please note that all Internships are unpaid. Interns must be available at least three full days during the week and can expect to work full days (though we are flexible with school requirements!). We do not accept international internships at this time.

The Departments

  • Casting Interns:
    Conan’s Casting Department is looking for someone who works well with a team, is a self-starter, and takes direction well.  It is important for this intern to be personal and outgoing while still being extremely organized, thorough, detail-oriented, and committed.  Casting interns learn the entire casting process, from searching for talent to budgeting and legal aspects to day-of production processes.

  • Production Interns:
    Production Interns will interact with all departments and aspects of the show.

  • Research Interns:
    The Research Department Internship consists primarily of finding information about our daily talk guests, but will also include a wide range of other production duties. Interns will get an excellent sense of the process of putting together a daily comedy show, particularly in the area of celebrity guests. The best candidates will be knowledgeable about pop culture, familiar with Lexis-Nexis, very detail-oriented, and capable of keeping a low profile when necessary. Must be available Monday-Thursday. 

  • Script Interns:
    The Script Internship consists principally of copying and distributing scripts, schedules and other production materials, but also includes a wide-range of other production duties. Distributing scripts allows the interns a broad look at the work of each department, and gives them the chance to interact with much of the show’s staff. Interns will get an excellent sense of the process of putting together a daily comedy show. The best candidates will be quick-thinking, very detail-oriented, capable of keeping a low profile when necessary, and available at least Monday – Thursday. Unlike the Wardrobe internship, knowledge of materials and any prior costume experience will not help you. 

  • Talent Interns:
    Work will consist of covering phone lines for talent executives during show time. Talent Interns must be professional and able to multitask. Interns will help setting up food in the green room and dressing rooms before show time, as well as assist the talent department with copying, organizing, and researching for booking needs. Intern must be able to go on specific errands for guests during show time (including coffee runs, lunch/dinner pickups etc). Note: Intern will not be interacting with Talent directly.

How to Apply

Application Submission Deadlines

  • Spring Internship – Applications due by November 30th
  • Summer Internship – Applications due by February 28th
  • Fall Internship – Applications due by July 11th

Apply Via E-mail:
Direct applications to the Internship Coordinator at with “Conan Internship: Department Name You’re Applying For” in the subject line – i.e. "Conan Internship: Casting". Be sure to include all of the following:

  • Cover Letter
  • Resume
  • Your availability (exact dates you wish to start and end your Internship as well as hours you would be available to work Monday – Friday)
  • Your year in school, and a note confirming your eligibility to receive academic credit for this Internship.
NOTE: Please do not submit applications for full-time positions to this address. They will be immediately discarded.

What NOT To Do:

Your application should be capable of standing on its own merits. Applicants who lobby their friends and relatives to bombard Team Coco with recommendations via Facebook, Twitter, e-mail, US Mail, etc. will be eliminated from consideration.

Hot Tip:

Former CONAN internship coordinator Marie Weber was a guest on the Team Coco Podcast. Listen to Marie's interview to get the DL on the wild world of interning at CONAN.

Good luck!